Join us for a 30 day digital detox challenge!

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Digital Detox Challenge Accepted!

In today’s world we are constantly bombarded with emails, text messages, social media notifications and so much more. Digital distractions have become the norm in our everyday lives. The problem is that this digital addiction can lead to anxiety, stress, disconnection and loneliness. With the world at our fingertips it can be harder than ever to stop for a moment and be with the person right in front of us.

– Kikki.K ‘Go Offline’ –

As a society we are more connected than ever before. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to unplug from the digital world around us and we are permanently multitasking on a number of platforms such as social media, emails, text messages and the Internet. We’re constantly digesting data and our minds get little chance to switch off and disconnect from all this rigorous activity.

Inspired by Kikki.K’s ‘30 day digital detox challenge’ in their Go Offline journal, Forme have accepted the digital detox challenge to take a break from the digital world, and we’re asking YOU to come along for the ride.

We’re kicking off our 30 days of detox activities on Monday 8 August to reignite our passions, bring clarity to our days and reclaim our time and energy.

Join us as we guide you to an inspirational offline activity every Monday and help you to reconnect with the present and promote your wellbeing.

Every Monday on our blog, Instagram and Facebook pages we’ll post an activity from Kikki.K’s Go Offline journal to help you to unplug, giving you inspiration to disconnect, reconnect and embrace mindfulness in your day.

So come on, let’s team up and commit to this 30-day digital detox challenge. We’ll disconnect from the constant barrage of technology we experience and move into a greater state of mindfulness together. We can do this!

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