5 tips for completing your online diploma course

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Once you’ve made the decision to study online, it’s time to prepare yourself for the road ahead. Studying a diploma course online requires commitment, motivation and determination. There could be times when you feel unmotivated, distracted or challenged, but don’t be discouraged. Here are Forme’s 5 tips to help you stay focused and prepare yourself for your online studies.

Allocate reasonable study time

The majority of Forme’s courses require a minimum of 20 hours a week study time. As a student, we recommend you calculate the amount of hours needed for your specific online course and be sure to allocate enough time each week. It’s important to manage your time efficiently; poor time management will leave you feeling rushed, stressed and could impact on the quality of your work.

Create a comfortable study environment

If you’re going to spend prolonged periods of time studying, why not do it in comfort. An ergonomic workstation will help prevent neck and back soreness/stiffness and eyestrain. Find a workspace that is comfortable and free from distractions (TV, children, outside noise), so you can fully concentrate on your study.

Find a mentor

A mentor is someone you can turn to in challenging times, or just a sounding board for your ideas while studying online. They may be able to share their own experiences or information to guide you in the right direction as you complete your diploma course.

Get to know your trainer

It’s important to understand the expectations of the person assessing your work, that’s why we think students should get to know their trainer. Become familiar with how they assess each unit of study and what they expect from you as a student.

Remember why you started the course

If you find yourself feeling unmotivated, remember your initial goals and objectives. Why did you start the course? What is your end goal? What do you want to achieve by completing this study? If it helps, why not create a vision board to give you that added motivation and inspiration.

Find out more about all of the online diploma courses that we offer and speak to one of our course consultants about how we can help you reach your career goals.

No matter whether you are thinking about changing your career, up-skilling yourself in your current role for that promotion or looking to get your first job out of school, Forme can Help.

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