6 ways to get in the study zone

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Do you feel that some days you are super motivated to study, but other days you just can’t find your mojo? Messy desks, boring workspaces and uncomfortable furniture can all affect your study headspace and hinder your productivity. Luckily, all these things are easily fixed.

Whether you’re studying a certificate course or a diploma course online, here are 6 ways to help you get in the study zone.

Clean your workspace

“Tidy desk, tidy mind”

A workspace clear of clutter can do wonders for your motivation levels. By removing the mess from your desk, you’re also getting rid of any distractions that may be lying around. Wash up the dirty coffee cup, throw away that rubbish and tidy up your desk. Everyone loves to work in a clean and organised space and once you clear the clutter you can spread out your study materials without having to push the mess aside.

Find a great reading chair

If you’re studying online, there’s no doubt you’ll have plenty of reading to do. For this reason, it’s important to have a comfortable reading chair or couch. You want something you can kick back in without having to change position every 5 minutes to get comfortable. However, you need to find a chair that is great for reading, but not something so comfortable that you’re going to want to snuggle up and go to sleep!

Start a vision board

If your mind is clouded and you feel uninspired, a vision board will help you remember the reason you started studying. Pin up motivating images. That job you want, that dream house you would love to own, or that holiday you’re packing your bags for once you finish your study! If starting a vision board sounds like too much work, put up your favourite quote, one that inspires you when your motivation levels are low. We all work better with a purpose.

Accessorise your desk

Bling up your space with some seriously cool desk accessories. There are some awesome stationery stores around these days, so brighten up your desk with notebooks, mouse pads, penholders and novelty post-it notes. There’s no limit to what you can buy to personalise and completely change the vibe of your study environment.

Turn up the volume

Have you ever seen athletes warming up with their headphones on, preparing for their event while listening to motivating music? It’s the same with study. If music is your thing, turn up the tunes to get you in the zone and fire up for a great study session.

Mentor motivation

The educators at Forme are always happy to help and dish out extra guidance when it’s needed. They’re a great source of inspiration and motivation and know what challenges you face studying courses online. Organise a quick 5-minute catch up with your trainer and recharge your mood and regain your focus.

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– The Forme Team

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