About Us

Our vision has always been clear and simple.

Forme is a progressive college that empowers individuals through education and development.

Offering dynamic programs and dedicated support on a bespoke digital learning platform, Forme was built for you – the student.


Bespoke Digital Learning Platform

People and their prosperity are at the heart and soul of everything we do. We believe education unlocks unlimited potential in people. It enables them to be exceptional and morph into who they want to be.

In this busy and advancing world, we understand that each person lives their life in their own unique way. Armed with this understanding, Forme proudly delivers bespoke education & development programs on a digital platform that is customised in every way to meet the high standards of our educators and industry partners.

A Message From Maria

I have a bold heart for people and an agenda to challenge the status quo when it comes to leadership education and development in Australia. As the founder and director of Forme, I believe in power of holistic and experiential learning – where the student is nurtured, encouraged and developed throughout their entire journey with Forme.


Maria Mesaric – Founder & Director of Forme Education


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