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When you decide that you want to pursue studying and you choose the diploma course that interests you, it is important to get yourself into healthy routines.

It’s funny how our body clocks work. We get up for our jobs at the same time every morning, anticipating the sleep-in that awaits us on Saturday morning. We look forward to that glorious feeling of cocooning ourselves in our doona, saying NO to the alarm and rolling over for an extra hour, or two… or three. We count down the days… Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… and finally the weekend graces us with its presence. But what’s that? We’re wide-awake at the crack of dawn. No alarm needed, and after throwing the sheets back over our head, thrashing around every which way, begging for sleep to come back… it doesn’t. We end up just getting up, making a coffee and dealing with the fact our body clock has won, yet again.

A lot of this comes down to our lifestyle habits and our routines, but there is science behind it as well. The periods of sleepiness and wakefulness that we feel are attributed to our circadian biological clocks. Continually working over a 24-hour cycle, they are responsible for those periods of the day/night, when we experience peak energy levels and likewise, when we feel our most tied and sluggish. So what’s this got to do with study?

Well… if we can figure out a little bit about our own, individual circadian rhythms, we can pinpoint the time of day when we are most likely to absorb new information. It is during this time, that we should aim to get some of our harder study tasks completed. On the other hand, those times when we feel lethargic, we can schedule in some less strenuous tasks, like some light reading. It’s always going to vary from person to person, so it’s important to listen to your own body.

For all the larks at there:

Hello morning birds. Now, you’re either a morning person or you’re not. There’s not much of a grey area here. Me? I fall into this category. My sister? Complete opposite. You’d be lucky to see her out of bed before 11am.

If you consider yourself a bit of a lark, you’d agree that getting up at the crack of dawn makes you feel energised and alive. You love being up before the rest of the world. It’s the time of the day that you are most productive. This is when you get your chores done, exercise and enjoy a little ‘me’ time. If this is you, try and block out a little time (it doesn’t have to be long) between the hours of 5am and noon, to complete one of your more challenging study tasks. You’ll be more switched on and open to absorbing new information. For most of us early birds, we tend to experience a dip in our energy levels in the early afternoon. Come nighttime, we tend to be first to bed. Asking us to sit through a couple of hours study after 6pm is enough to see us seeing zzzzzzz.

Attention all night owls:

Quite the contrary to morning birds, come 7pm and night owls are ready to ‘get stuff done.’ This is the time of day when you experience peak energy levels and increased concentration. Most night owls are usually pretty creative too. When everyone else is slowing down, you’re just getting started. At this time of day, science suggests we tend to get a little more unconventional in our way of thinking and can come up with more ‘out of the box’ ideas. If this sounds like you, make the most of this time of the day. Use your energy levels to you advantage and block out a little time to complete some of your harder study tasks. With everyone else asleep and not much going on around you, you’ll find there’s less distractions also.

When it comes to the crunch of what I’m talking about here, it’s that we are all unique in the way we live our lives. We all have different responsibilities, routines, commitments and body clocks. Studying a diploma course online is so rewarding, but we just need to make sure we are working to our advantage. Find what works for you and do it your way. You may just find it’s you new recipe to productivity. And what comes with increased productivity? Improved work/life balance I.e. more time to enjoy the things or people you love most.

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#EmbraceUnique – Achieve Greater.

– The Forme Team

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