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If you’re studying, or thinking of studying one of our diploma courses online, this one is for you. This month, we are talking all things balanced. When I say that, I am referring to work/life balance of course. How do we reduce stress, improve productivity and still make time for the things we enjoy most? I.e. family, friends and… well you fill in the gaps… It really comes down to doing the small things right. We can’t control everything that happens in this unpredictable world, but we can introduce good habits into our own lives, which can help towards more harmonised and organised existence.

Diploma courses online offer immense flexibility. We love that. But we also get that being in charge of your own learning schedule, can at times, be a little challenging. We want to help you every step of the way, so throughout this entire month we are offering some hand picked ‘study hacks’ to help put you back in the driver’s seat. We want you to feel empowered to achieve all that you set out to in the first place.

Here we go….

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a certain kind of energy? I’m not talking about anything spiritual here, but you know when you enter a space and immediately feel either calm and relaxed, or tense and stressed? Allow me to explain…

You walk into a bedroom. The lights are dim, the room is cool and the bed is clean and made. There’s no mess or clutter. There’s a light scent of vanilla and coconut- a welcoming aromatic. The whole room feels… well… inviting… it feels amazing. And if that sounds a little too ‘new age’, then let me prove my point another way.

You walk into a busy office at work. Papers are piled to the roof, the desks are dirty, there’s dust, clutter, and almost instantly you tense up. There’s stained coffee cups, the smell of stale air fills the room and the mood, it’s heavy. It’s one of those rooms that just makes you want to back-peddle right out of there. Fast.

The way a room is configured and used, really can affect your mood and work productivity. Seriously. And I’m not just talking about some Feng Shui hoopla here. I’m talking about creating a space that you want to be in. A little nook or office that is going to motivate you, inspire you and well… be comfortable for you. There’s no use spending hours at a time trying to get through your study and assessments being uncomfortable. Am I right?

So we have put together a quick checklist for you, to help set up your study space in a way that will keep you on track. We want to help you stay motivated, so you can complete your diploma courses online.

Clutter – no body got time for that:

Get rid of anything that doesn’t serve a purpose for the particular project you are working on. You’re going to have to be brutal here. See those textbooks that have nothing to do with the current unit you’re studying? Put them away. Clear those dirty dishes, sort your papers and try and introduce some organisation to your desk, or couch or café – wherever you choose to study. Less is more in this circumstance. After all clutter, leads to distractions, i.e. day-dreaming about laying on a beach in Thailand, after taking one glance at that travel-mag on the coffee table. Yep, I’m guilty too!

Distractions – be gone

It’s a funny thing when we have to study, or complete a task we would rather not do. All of a sudden, everything else, no matter what it is becomes a priority. Boy, my car could really use a vacuum. I should really go do my grocery shopping. Gee the garage could really use a sweep. I wonder what’s happening on Facebook, Foxsports, or Instagram? Maybe I should go get my hair cut now, before the weekend. That my friend, is procrastination at its very best, and we all do it. So try and create a study space with minimal distractions. Hard? Yes. Impossible? No. Choose a space where you will be able to focus on your task at hand and reward yourself with one of those distractions afterwards.

Comfort – you’ll thank yourself for it later

Get comfortable. Sometimes when studying diploma courses online, you will be spending hours at a time sitting in the same spot. We don’t want you walking away with back pain, headaches of numb limbs. Comfort and good posture are paramount to a productive study session. A nice big desk is always a good option, so you’re not hunched over and cramped up. Invest in a chair that’s going to keep you sitting straight and at ease. Sounds obvious, but trust me, it’s easy to plonk yourself on the floor in front of the TV and not notice the damage it’s doing to your back until later on. Ouch!

Stock up – the more the merrier

This sort of comes back to the distraction thing again. If we don’t have everything we need right in front of us, we are going to take any opportunity to exit the building. No – pens? Beauty, I’ll go get some. Computer died and I have no charger on me. Awesome, I’ll go for a drive and borrow one. Try and make sure everything that you will need is within arms reach; pens, coffee, computer, textbook, snacks, etc. Preparation is key to using time productively. And once you’re complete – make time for those things you love to do, and don’t feel guilty about it.

#EmbraceUnique – Achieve Greater.

– The Forme Team

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