Challenge 6 – Detox Your Routine

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What’s your routine when you wake up in the morning?

Do you head straight for the shower?  Put the kettle on for a cup of coffee? Or do you reach for your mobile phone? Well, according to research by Deloitte Australia, 50% of us check our phones within the first 15 minutes of waking.

Tristan Harris, former Google Design Ethicist, talks about using our smartphones when we get up in the morning. He explains that social media notifications frame our experience of waking up, and checking our phones can ‘hijack our morning routine’. It’s easy to get caught up in our emails, or the world of social media, what’s happened, who’s liked our post, who’s commented, but while we’re doing this, we’re constantly looking in the past, or into the future, instead of being mindful of the present.

Do you check your phone before you go to sleep at night? Whether you’re checking emails, scrolling through social media or caught in the Pinterest vortex, using your phone right before bed can affect the quality of your sleep.

Professor of Psychiatry from USCLA School of Medicine, Dr Dan Siegel, told Business Insider that screen time before bed exposes us to streams of photons, which encourage our brains to stay awake. The opposite of what we’re trying to achieve. While you stay awake, you’re stopping the brain’s neurons from resting.

Creating a bedtime ritual, like reading a book when you get into bed, will help you relax before you go to sleep at night. Arianna Huffington, Co-founder of The Huffington Post and Author of Thrive, says she has completely banned electronics from her bedroom. Instead she chooses to read a hard copy book before she goes to sleep at night.

While we know this week’s challenge may be a little hard for some of you, we believe you can do it!  We ask you to stay off your smartphone and refrain from checking emails or social media for the first 2 hours after waking, and the last 2 hours of the day before going to bed. Instead, use this time to be mindful, set yourself up for a productive day, or a good night’s sleep.

Good luck, we’d love to hear how you go with this week’s challenge!

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