Empowering Those Affected By Poverty

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The Hunger Project work tirelessly to empower women and men affected by poverty.

Empowering those affected by poverty begins by addressing entrenched attitudes and beliefs.  By helping to shift mindsets from resignation and despondency to optimism and empowerment, The Hunger Project team are helping others to become self-reliant so they can begin to transform their own lives and create a new future for their communities.

At Forme our vision is to not only empower individuals through education, but to also support other like-minded organisations.

That is why we have followed in the footsteps of Business Chicks Australia and many other organisations to come alongside The Hunger Project to restore dignity and hope to rural villages throughout Africa, India, Latin America and Bangladesh. Their goal? To break the cycle of poverty by 2030.

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.

Maya Angelou

If you’re passionate about changing the world and would love to help break the cycle of poverty, then why not get involved?

Visit www.thp.org.au to see all the ways that you or your leadership team can contribute to this awesome challenge.


Photo Image: thehungerprojectau

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