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Finding your niche, within the Diploma of Business BSB50215 

So, you’re considering studying the Diploma of Business BSB50215 What a great choice! Whether you want to run your own corporation, build someone else’s, or simply improve your administration, problem solving and economic skills, BSB50215 is going to be beneficial in your quest for future employment and personal growth.

Students, who study the Diploma of Business BSB50215, can look forward to graduating with a highly desirable set of skills, which include; critical thinking, data analysis, administration proficiency, and an understanding of how to conduct effective market research. Additionally, students can discover their ‘niche’ within the business sector, by specialising in a particular field of interest.

Here’s how it works…

Students, who choose to study the Diploma of Business BSB50215, do so for many different reasons. Being such a broad topic, with skills applicable to a range of industries, students can now choose a specific Business Focus Stream, within the Diploma.

Business Focus Streams are, to put it simply, tailored Diplomas. They are designed to meet the differing career outcomes of students, who enroll in BSB50215. There are three specialisations Forme students can choose from.

How to choose the right Business Focus Stream, for you: 

Diploma of Business BSB50215 – Marketing: Do you want to learn how to identify and understand your customer? The Marketing Focus Stream explores the principles of marketing and how they directly affect good business. You’ll learn how to manage meetings, manage projects, identify and evaluate marketing opportunities, plan e-marketing communications and establish a good marketing mix within a business. The career pathways of this particular focus stream include; market research analyst, marketing director, business development manager or a position in advertising and marketing.

Diploma of Business BSB50215 – Administration: Are you obsessed with systems, processes and procedures? Be the game changer in your own business, or become indispensible in someone else’s, by getting the Administration Focus Stream under your belt. Learn how to plan and implement administrative systems, undertake project work, establish systems that support administration, and develop/use complex spreadsheets. The career pathways of this particular focus stream include; quality assurance officer, business operator, director of operations or administration manager.

Diploma of Business BSB50215 – Management: Find that your greatest strength is in your ability to lead others? Get ready to understand key business functions with an overview of management to secure a broad range of employment or career opportunities. Within this course, you’ll learn how to manage budgets and financial plans, manage payroll and people performance, manage recruitment selection and induction processes. The career pathways of this particular focus stream include; program coordinator, team leader, executive officer, state manager, or store manager.

When you choose to study the Diploma of Business BSB50215 you’re giving yourself the head start you need, to propel you into the career that you want.

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– The Forme Team

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