Five Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind

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How to spring-clean your mind and start fresh for September

Remember how good it felt the last time you gave something a good spring clean? There’s a certain sense of accomplishment you get from cleaning out a space in your life and you feel organised, more in control and less burdened.

Similar to the way it gathers in our homes, clutter also collects in our minds, restricting our creativity and clouding our thoughts. So, free-up space and start fresh for the remainder of the year with these 5 simple steps to spring clean your mind.

Be mindful

Give each task the mindfulness it deserves. Strengthen your meta-awareness and notice when your mind strays. Where is your attention wandering? Is it something that could easily be resolved? Focus your thoughts on your aspirations and goals and let go of negative thoughts that could be holding you back, or those that take up space without any real benefit.

Let go of negatives

“Nothing has any power over me other than that which I give it through my conscious thoughts” –Tony Robbins –

Reduce the emotional clutter in your mind and create space for positivity. Let go of bad habits and negative thoughts and replace them with positive behaviours and a positive mindset.

If you are dwelling on negative relationships or encounters from the past 8 months, try and mend bridges and let go of any grudges you hold. Don’t lay blame for your problems; be thankful for these challenges, which have increased your resilience and shaped you into the person you are today. Surround yourself with empowering people who uplift and support you.

Forgive yourself

If you look back at the last year and see mistakes and misjudgements, let go. Don’t dwell on these imperfections, instead focus on the teachings and how you have made changes to avoid making these same mistakes again.

We often judge ourselves the most harshly. Forgive yourself and let go of negative self-talk and remember to cut yourself some slack. Instead, celebrate your wins and show gratitude for what you have achieved throughout the year so far.

Start a journal

If you don’t have one already, start a journal. A journal is a wonderful place to unleash your innermost thoughts and dreams, express gratitude and expel your emotions onto the pages without fear of judgement or answerability.


Always find time to rest. According to the Australasian Sleep Foundation, 8 ¼ hours is average for adults, but people differ and only you will know what is right for your body. It’s believed sleep not only helps us physically, but also helps us re-organise the thoughts in our minds.

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