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Remarkabilty’ by Lorraine Murphy

Ever wanted to get inside the head of an inspirational entrepreneur to uncover the habits that make them highly successful? To know how to be so good at what you do that they can’t ignore you?

In 2016 Lorraine Murphy released her first book titled Remarkability. An inspiring read detailing the triumphs and hurdles [enter black November] on her journey to success,. Strong, empowering, honest and vulnerable, Lorraine is completely transparent when sharing her tips and experiences from her entrepreneurial journey. Below is the first of a series of book reviews we will publish over this year, to encourage our audience to connect with those who have gone before us in areas of business, influence, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, leadership and innovation through the love of books.


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The book: Remarkability

The author: Lorraine Murphy

Rap sheet: Lorraine Murphy founded The Remarkables Group, a Sydney based agency for bloggers and corporate influencers. As a prominent thought leader and media commentator – she’s inspiring, motivating and one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs.

The audience: Entrepreneurs. Business owners. Students. Leaders. Anyone who wants to be inspired, motivated and wants to learn from someone who has already been there and done that!

The truth – why we love it: Lorraine Murphy doesn’t only share the winning strategies she’s developed as an entrepreneur; she gives readers an honest account of the lessons she’s learned along the way – even the hard ones. If you have ever had the opportunity to hear Lorraine speak – you’ll know she is super passionate, positive and encouraging. Her essence has been so perfectly imprinted into the pages of Remarkability that you can almost hear her Irish accent cheering you on as you read. Free from any jargon or pretentiousness -you can tell that Lorraine genuinely wants to inspire people to believe in themselves and win at life!
Overall, this book is an entertaining and inspiring read that will have you brimming with positive energy, and motivated to start putting some of her strategies into practice throughout your own life.

The best bits: Its got to be Chapter 4 Get seriously f*cking organised. ‘The ‘f-bomb’ was only for strategic effect’, but honestly, Lorraine has some great tips to help you get organised. In this empowering chapter Lorraine shares her strategies to get your act together and unleashes her step-by-step guide to putting things in order. Everything from de-cluttering your life and mind, to planning your time and prepping for the day ahead. Awesome stuff!
We also loved Chapter 11 Be a leader – which gives us an insight into Lorraine’s leadership journey. An honest account of the lessons she has learned along the way and the importance she places on remarkable leadership in business. Chapter 16 titled ‘Smash stress’ does more than simply name a few of the 1000’s strategies we have heard before. Instead, Lorraine breaks it all down and shares what has worked for her and the techniques she uses to relax and be more mindful in both her business and personal life.

Nugget of gold: 
Keep reading all the way to the end – Lorraine has assembled her recommended reading list! It’s amazing and will point you in the direction of a number of other great reads that Lorraine herself has read and loved! Winning!


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