Challenge 7 – Just Breathe

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Take a deep breathe. Check in with your body, clear your mind and continue with your day.

We’ve reached week 7 of our digital detox challenge, inspired by the Kikki.K Go Offline journal, and we’re so happy to hear the positive stories of how these simple challenges are impacting people’s daily routines. If you haven’t been following our challenge, it’s not too late to start, there are plenty more to go!

This week’s challenge is simple, and one that we can all practice every day.

We breathe and stop breathing without thinking, yet when we focus on our breath the results are amazing. Deep breathing delivers more oxygen to our cells and allows them to regenerate, and also encourages the release of endorphins, which can help us manage stress, anxiety and even pain.

Typically, in times of stress our breath tends to be quick and shallow, in reply to our brain’s fight or flight response. If we take 5 deep breaths we can reduce the number of stress hormones in our body, lower our blood pressure and heart rate, and transport ourselves into a much calmer state of being.

Mindful breathing is useful in moments of stress, and when our minds are cluttered and we seek clarity and mindfulness. It allows us to connect to the present moment. It’s a great way to bring awareness to our bodies, acknowledging how we feel without distractions.

So this week, let’s check in with our bodies. In times of stress or when our minds are busy – let’s unplug, take 5 deep breaths, acknowledge how we feel and continue with our day.

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