Tax for Individuals

Use spreadsheets to confidently prepare, record, and present client’s taxation documents in accordance with the regulations set out by the Australian Taxation Office.

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Tax for Individuals Online Course

Calculating tax is relatively straight forward; it is the extensive regulations, rulings and audit obligations where most people come unstuck. As accountants or bookkeepers, it is vital that tax documentation is prepared in alignment with correct calculation practices so that the responsibilities given by the ATO can be adhered to. All accountants and bookkeepers use spreadsheets to assist in the calculation of tax and the preparation of documents. This module walks through 7 milestones of preparing, presenting and recording taxation documents for clients.

Tax for Individuals Online Course Milestones


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Milestone 1 | Gather Client Data and Verify Requirements

Taxation applies to everyone in Australia in a variety of context. This module will introduce the Tax Rulings which apply to the collection and verification of a person’s documentation.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Identify taxation needs
  • Identify updates or additions to compliance needs
  • Identify assessable income and allowable deductions
  • Complete and record amounts in accordance with organisation and legislative requirements
  • Identify accrued or prepaid income and expenditure, and record adjustments to the value of assets and liabilities

Milestone 2 | Prepare to Develop Spreadsheets

Understanding spreadsheets is essential if you are going to prepare tax documentation for clients. This milestone demonstrates the use of Excel in developing spreadsheets.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Analyse the task and determine the specification of the spreadsheet
  • Understand spreadsheet basics
  • Identify organisational and task requirements of data entry, storage, output, reporting, and presentation requirements.

Milestone 3 | Develop a Linked Spreadsheet Solution

Given that most people do their tax electronically, it’s important that accountants understand the tools and processes employed to make this available. This milestone will explore the eTax software provided by the ATO and learn how to set up a spreadsheet specifically for tax purposes.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Utilise spreadsheet design software functions and formulae to complete a task
  • Correctly link software according to the software procedures
  • Confidently format cells and use data attributes to complete a specific task
  • Test formulae to confirm the output meets the task requirements

Milestone 4 | Use Spreadsheets

Compliance is critical when preparing tax documentation and so it is this milestone that will demonstrate how to amend tax calculations within a spreadsheet to ensure they are compliant with current ATO or High Court rulings, current tax rates, tolerances, and further changes to the way data is processed.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Amend tax calculations

Milestone 5 | Automate and Standardise Spreadsheets

Automation is one of the helpful components of using spreadsheets. It allows you to streamline the standard tasks required when calculating taxation. The topics within this milestone walk through the various functions of automation.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Using spreadsheets for taxation
  • Logical functions and advanced mathematical functions

Milestone 6 | Identify, record and present clients’ tax documentation

The process of calculating tax is actually relatively simple. The difficult part comes in the appropriate recording and presenting of the tax documentation. In this milestone, you will learn the appropriate process for presenting and recording tax according to the current legislation.

Key Learning Outcomes


  • Calculate client’s tax obligations, in accordance with legislative requirements and information gathering practices
  • Seek advice and guidance from specialists to evaluate and moderate decision processes
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On successful completion of your short course you will receive  a Statement of Attainment which will be mailed to you.  The units on your statement of attainment, once successfully completed, are:

  • FNSACC502 – Prepare Tax documentation for individuals

  • BSBITU402 – Develop and use complex spreadsheets

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