Manage Administration Systems Online Course

An administrative system commissioned and monitored from the ground up.

 Orchestrate the arrival of a new administrative system

Regardless of the scale of your business operations – administrative systems are at the heart of good business. A system that is perfect for your business’s needs will prove valuable by virtue of its flexibility, efficiency, and integrative elements.

The 5 milestones of this module navigate the tricky planning, implementation, and monitoring stages of introducing a new or updated system, and how a team can be encouraged towards making incremental changes to better the new system.

Manage Administration Systems Online Course Milestones


Milestone 1 | Planning a new or modified administrative system

To create or boost an innovative culture is to adhere to 5 principals – innovation, leading by example, taking risks, consultation and communication, and fostering innovation. This milestone will explore and expand on these 5 core concepts.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Key Learning Outcomes:
  • How to source successful quotes to meet the needs of the business
  • Legislation that guides administrative systems
  • 12 ethical principles that guide contact and behaviour of a business
  • Budgeting for procurement of administrative systems

Milestone 2 | Implementing a new or modified administrative system

As we have learnt over previous modules, introducing any element of change into a work environment can bring rise to a number of concerns and problems if not planned well. This milestone will help guide you through the ups and downs of implementing new systems, and ensure the process is effective and enjoyable for the whole team.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Methods of implementing change
  • John P Kotter’s “8 steps change model”
  • Angus Gill’s “The top 10 benefits of on-going staff training and development”
  • Minimal impact contingencies
  • Keys to successful implementation

Milestone 3 | Monitor an administration system

Putting in a new system is just the first step, the weeks and months following are important to navigate well. Effective monitoring of the new system will ensure the product you have bought does what it says it will do and suits the requirements of the business.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Identifying further modifications
  • User notification best practices
  • Monitoring usage, security and output
  • What is a SNMP and how it can help you?

Milestone 4 | Establish template standards

A new customer’s first impression of your business is important, as it inevitably affects your bottom line. This first impression can sometimes come by way of a website, advertisement, or even a letterhead. By establishing templating guidelines, you can confidently ensure readability and appearance is consistent with the organisation’s branding guidelines.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Legislative guidelines
  • IT capabilities impact
  • Functionality of style guides
  • Storage and naming conventions
  • What are macros and how to set up
  • How to evaluate complex technical functions

Milestone 5 | Develop strategies for continuous improvement

If you’ve just implemented a major change within your organisation, you may be hesitant to be looking for more ways to improve! It is an understandable position, but it’s important that your team as a whole is proactively seeking to make small changes that can be incorporated into their daily processes. Over time, these small changes will contribute to improve a business’s presence in the marketplace.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the PDCA cycle
  • Effective learning tools to implement CI
  • Strategies for continuous improvement
  • Explore the Six Sigma model
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