Market Research Project Management Online Course

Use invaluable insights of market research to successfully inform, equip and report to a project audience.

12 Week Online Course

2 x Video Tutorials

5 x Learning Milestones

5 x eBooks

Research with curiosity and Accomplish with strategy

Good marketing research clearly defines a business’s marketplace. It ultimately reveals customer need, opportunities to gain a competitive edge, and even potential markets. Gathering this data helps when acquiring resources and communicating, negotiating, and persuading an audience of stakeholders.

Use the strategies and tools presented in this module to accurately and successfully investigate, plan, and report a project.

Market Research Project Management Online Course Milestones




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Milestone 1 |  Define market and project parameters

What is market research? What role does it play? How can you be successful at it? All these questions are answered throughout this milestone using proven tools, strategies, and market research techniques.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • The 7P’s of marketing mix analysis
  • Learn PR Smith’s planning model – SOCTAC Model
  • How to create a market research plan

Milestone 2 | Resources

Allocating resources based on their scheduled need and cost can be tricky if resource acquisition isn’t a considered approach. Learn how to use various matrix to analyse information that leads to successful gain of resources.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and create a stakeholder analysis matrix
  • Understand and create a RACI matrix
  • Resource acquisition processes

Milestone 3 | Consult/Communicate

Good communication can be so critical in many environments and situations. Give any audience you address the best level of communication and support by following a number of strategies and principles laid out in this milestone.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • How to develop a communications strategy
  • Develop strong persuasion skills
  • Understand the role influence has on persuasion and negotiation
  • Various support mechanisms for teams

Milestone 4 | Project Planning

We know that without a plan a project will always remain just a great idea. This milestone helps you to formulate the foundations of a project plan and delves into some of the complexities of projects – budgeting and resource costings.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Explore Emily Bonnie’s “Project Management Basics: 6 steps of a foolproof project plan”
  • Understand risk management & analysis
  • Create estimating budgets and resource costings

Milestone 5 | Executing the Project

It can’t be understated that reporting the true financial state of a project regularly and to the right people is so important. Throughout this milestone, explore the elements of status & financial reporting and how an accurate inventory system can prove valuable for reporting and auditing purposes.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Elements of Status [Interim] Reporting
  • Elements of Financial Reporting
  • The value of a comprehensive inventory system
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*Statement of Attainment – ACCREDITED PATHWAY ONLY

On successful completion of your short course you will receive  a Statement of Attainment which will be mailed to you.  The units on your statement of attainment, once successfully completed, are:

  • BSBMKG506 – Plan market research
  • BSBPMG522 – Undertake project work

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