Workforce Planning Online Course

Navigating the transient world of workforce planning and recruitment.

Workforce Planning Online Course

The Full Cycle

The Workforce Planning Online Course includes 5 milestones including planning a new or modified admin system; workforce goals and objectives; workforce planning – including workforce skills gap analysis; capacity analysis; training roadmap and root cause analysis;  HRM policies and strategies; and the recruitment process.

Your learning will complete with a milestone on the importance of reviewing the HR process to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of strategies and policies employed.

Workforce Planning Online Course Milestones


Milestone 1 | Planning a new or modified administrative system

To create or boost an innovative culture is to adhere to 5 principals – innovation, leading by example, taking risks, consultation and communication, and fostering innovation. This milestone will explore and expand on these 5 core concepts.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the Performance Management Cycle
  • HR Information types, sources, and application
  • Features of Human Resource Management Systems [HRMS]
  • Ethical behaviours guiding HR personnel

Milestone 2 |  Workforce Goals & Objectives

Setting workforce goals can play an integral role in gaining competitive edge. Unpack various strategies to determine workforce capacity and have an educated approach to drafting workforce planning.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Review examples and advantages of workplace goals and how they play a role in gaining competitive edge
  • Understand the 3 critical components that govern workforce planning
  • Effective communication techniques
  • Strategies to analyse and manage workforce capacity

Milestone 3 | Workforce Planning

Learn to ascertain a business’s recruitment needs by selecting appropriate methods to analyse current workforce conditions. This milestone will unpack the different approaches to analysis and give an open accounting of the recruitment process from start to finish.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Undertake a workforce skills gap analysis and capacity analysis
  • How to create a training roadmap
  • Unpack ‘Root Cause Analysis’
  • Recognise the recruitment process end-to-end

Milestone 4 | HRM Policies and Strategies

The best chance an organisation has to translate business strategy into action is by ensuring human resource strategies have first been crafted and documented. It is through this documentation that an organisation can measure performance and competitive edge.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Key components of HR planning and strategy
  • Understand the true impact of HR strategies
  • Importance of HR policies and their role in crafting strategy


Milestone 5 | The Recruitment Process

It probably won’t surprise you that recruitment is one of the key responsibilities of a HR consultant or manager. This milestone paces through the entire recruitment and selection process while touching on important elements such as contractual obligations, letters of offer, induction, training, probation, and termination.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Recruitment responsibilities of a HR consultant
  • Elements of an employment contract
  • How to make an offer to a candidate
  • How to conduct induction
  • Probation and the termination process


Milestone 6 | Review

As workforce trends rise and fall, it’s important that regular reviews of strategies and processes are done to monitor the impact of labour trends on the business. This milestone will show that reviews also help to survey the organisational climate to determine employee satisfaction.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Review mechanisms: frequency and approach
  • Top 5 global workforce trends
  • Understand Fishbone Analysis
  • Explore P.E.S.T Analysis
  • Forecasting labour techniques

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