Leadership, Diversity and Innovation Online Course

Lead your team to higher levels of creativity and innovation through fostering and promoting the benefits of diversity in the workplace.

Leadership Diversity and Innovation Online Course

The Powerful Force of Change and Innovation

William Pollard once said “Without change there is no innovation, creativity or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable”.

Essential to remaining competitive and effective in business is the fostering of innovation and creativity.

In this Leadership, Diversity and Innovation Online Course you’ll learn how a leader can encourage a workplace culture that produces fresh ideas and how these innovative changes can be reviewed, evaluated, communicated and implemented.

Leadership, Diversity and Innovation Online Course Milestones


Milestone 1 | Encourage an Innovative Culture

To create or boost an innovative culture is to adhere to 5 principals – innovation, leading by example, taking risks, consultation and communication, and fostering innovation. This milestone will explore and expand on these 5 core concepts.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Legal frameworks that guide innovation
  • Ability to harness and encourage other’s creativity and ideas towards innovation
  • SWOT analysis of innovative ideas
  • Ideation techniques including mind mapping, Scamper, Skunkwords, and lateral think tanks
  • Build strong collaborative communication skills

Milestone 2 | Promote Innovation in the Workplace

Ready to be a catalyst for change in your workplace? Navigate this well by drawing on the recommendations in this milestone. Come away knowing how to acknowledge suggestions from others and better celebrate innovative ideas and successes in the workplace.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Recognition methods
  • Promote and reinforce the value of innovation.
  • ASAP Cubed model
  • Strategies to promote innovation & support evaluation of others ideas

Milestone 3 | Create an innovative environment

So much about innovation in the workplace is about the physical space in which a team collaborates and works together. Use this milestone to learn how to build an environment that innovation can breathe and grow in.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Working collaboratively to implement innovation.
  • VAK Model for adult learning
  • Formal and informal learning opportunities [OSKAR Model]

Milestone 4 | Encourage Diversity in the Workplace

Statistics are used throughout this milestone to shine a spotlight on the need for continual workplace reforms to encourage inclusion and diversity. Enjoy the opportunity to look at diversity from another perspective.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the legal frameworks that guide diversity & inclusion in the workplace
  • Application of ‘reasonable adjustments’
  • Identify organisations and communities who have embraced diversity well

Milestone 5 | Meeting Needs

The successful integration of new diversity and inclusion processes often hinges on effective communication plans and support mechanisms. This milestone identifies various needs of a team and explains how to meet these needs in the roll out of new support roles, policies and procedures.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Gather and review data to highlight areas of change
  • Understand and provide support mechanisms
  • Identify and overcome communication barriers

Milestone 6 | Making Changes

Implementing change in a workplace and bring rise to so many challenges. This milestone will give you the skills to identify important elements of change, barriers to change, and how to monitor and review for future improvements.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Katter’s 8 Steps Process
  • Identify barriers to change
  • Practices for recommending improvements
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