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Create a detailed roadmap for your next project and stay on budget and schedule!

A solid foundation

All projects need a framework. A solid, trustworthy foundation on which all decisions pivot and are mapped. Developing the project scope is no small task. When completed, the scope is a detailed pathway guiding all elements from start to finish. Most importantly – the scope is actually a boundary around what is included in the project and, equally importantly, what is not included. Journey though the four milestones of this module to learn how to successfully keep the project on budget and on schedule.

Project Time Management Online Course Milestones


Milestone 1 | Plan the project scope

So you’ve been given a project to manage – scoping is your first stop. Get this right and it will help you to manage the project confidently and successfully. This milestone will explore the initiation of the project and show you how to effectively collaborate with stakeholders. Topics will then guide you through conducting authorisation and project governance.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Key definitions framing project management
  • What are the responsibilities of scoping
  • The “Triple Constraint” of project management
  • The 4 stages of the project life cycle
  • Learn tips and techniques for effective collaboration with stakeholders
  • Explore the 3 pillars of project governance

Milestone 2 | Manage the project scope

Now that the scope planning stage is complete – it is time to identify the scope and then communicate that with all stakeholders involved. It is the scope manager’s primary concern to clearly define what exactly is included in the project and develop a clear work breakdown structure.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand scope responsibilities
  • How to draft a project scope statement
  • Develop the Work Breakdown Structure [WBS]
  • Activity sequencing and estimation
  • The primary parts of a scope management plan
  • Identifying the PMBOK Guide
  • Study a Project Information Matrix
  • Receive a Scope Management Plan template

Milestone 3 | Control the project scope

Incremental changes in the scope are natural for a project. Managing these shifts is important to avoid scope creep – leading to over-run in both budget and/or schedule. This milestone will walk through management of changes to the scope and the risks or issues that may arise as a result. The final topic will address progress reviews and demonstrate how to correctly report on the progress of a project.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Successfully implement change control procedures
  • Indicators of ‘scope creep’
  • Study assumption analysis & diagramming techniques
  • Probability and impact risk analysis
  • Understand frame-working for progress review
  • Effective project reporting techniques

Milestone 4 | Manage project time

This milestone guides the learning through the development and implementation of the project schedule, ensuring the project time is managed well. Over the duration of the project, there may be need for schedule improvements – one of the topics in this milestone will help guide making those changes.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Apply time management techniques
  • Explore WBS, PERT, Critical Path Analysis and Gantt Chart techniques
  • “Lessons Learned” process
  • Tools and techniques to monitor and control the project schedule
  • Causes of schedule variance
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