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Online Diploma Course Success – The Five Top Tips is gold for those struggling to remain motivated.

Let’s face it: the lure of being able to study from the comfort of your own home is attractive. You can wrap yourself up in your blankets with a laptop on your knees and work towards career advancement! Could it get any better?

What they don’t tell you in the brochures is that it’s not that simple! Motivating yourself and remaining motivated until the completion of your online diploma course is hard!

The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) and TAFE Directors Australia indicate completion rates have improved over the past three years. This is great!

But we also don’t like to leave anything to chance. So…

In this article, we’re going to first discuss some of the benefits of completing your online diploma course. Then we will outline the 5 top tips for completing your online diploma course without stress.

If you want to complete your online diploma course without stress, you won’t want to miss these proven strategies. The fifth step is the most important!

So let’s get into it.

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The Benefits Of Studying An Online Diploma Course

All right, let’s first look at the benefits of studying an online diploma course; before we discuss the five top tips to complete your online diploma course easily and effortlessly.

Firstly there are the benefits of completing the online diploma course itself.

Entering The Work Force

You may be entering the workforce for the first time. For first-timers, having a diploma under your belt means that you could start in a higher position than those who have not dedicated themselves to gaining more knowledge and skills.

Returning To Work

Perhaps you have been out of the workforce for a while, or maybe you have children that have just reached school age and you are looking to get back into satisfying work.

As you know, things are changing quicker than they ever have before and employers are looking for higher and higher qualified people all the time.

One such quality is leadership as outlined in this recent article from Business Insider.

Today’s reality is that even if you want to clean carpets, you’ll need a qualification to say you know how to clean carpets!

Tertiary Study

You may be in a position where you wanted to go to university but you weren’t successful. With an online diploma course certificate, you can use your qualification to strengthen your application for entry into that degree you really want to do.

Career and Income Advancement

Maybe you have been working in the same position for years. You have become part of the furniture and as such you have been asked to take on more and more responsibility.

Now you find yourself in a position where you need to know more about Accounting than you’ve ever needed before. Studying an online diploma course in accounting can help you gain the skills and knowledge you need. In addition, it will help you to negotiate that salary package that you really deserve.

The Extra Benefits of Studying an Online Diploma Course

As you can see there are many benefits to studying an online diploma course, but the benefits are not limited to what we have outlined above. For more benefits check out the Open Education Database’s Top 10 Benefits here.

No matter what your position and circumstances, completing an online diploma course may help you find a career that is fulfilling and financially rewarding.

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Online Diploma Course versus Traditional Education

Let’s now take a look at the benefits of studying an online diploma course as opposed to the more traditional forms of studying.

The benefits are the reasons that you chose to go this way and why below, we show you the five top tips for successfully completing your online diploma course.

You see we know the lure is strong. “Study from anywhere there is an Internet connection and a laptop available!”

“You can even study from the comfort of your own bed if you want to!”

We also know that it’s difficult to study and stay motivated over the duration required – alone!

The flexibility of studying an online diploma course is brilliant. You can fit your study and career advancement in and around your current work, your children, your other hobbies and you can even study while you are travelling.

You can study when it is convenient for you and not when a college tells you that you have to attend.

But here’s the thing…

Who’s going to hold you accountable?

Where are you going to find those 10-15 hours a week that are required to successfully complete an online diploma course?

You see, what comes with flexible study options is a myriad of distractions.

Your children may be demanding of your time or your boss may want you to work back late more often that you want to. Now you are tired and need some “you” time.

But you also need to make time for study.

You feel guilty so you sit down to get some study done. However, you can’t focus! You are tired and your mind is being pulled in several directions at once. Resulting in no progress at all.

If this happens too many times, you lose your motivation. Now you wonder why you started this online diploma course at all:

“Why can’t I just be satisfied with where I am at?”

You know why, so stop trying to justify your lack of progress!

Now with traditional learning, it’s different. You are forced to turn up to classes at predetermined times and your classmates and teachers will hold you accountable. This is great, isn’t it?

But who has time for that?

The world has changed. And it’s not looking like slowing down any time soon.

For you, a flexible study option for your online diploma course is the only way.

Now that is clear that there is no turning back now, let’s get you on the road to successfully completing your online diploma course.

Let’s now look at the five top tips for completing your online diploma course easily and effortlessly.


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The Five Top Tips For  Your Online Diploma Course Success

 Tip #1 – Allocate Your Study Time

If you are studying an online diploma course, you are going to need to dedicate 10-15 hours a week to your course. You may think you can do it in less time, but it is proven the brain absorbs more information when it is in a state of “relaxed alertness”.

This is backed up by Stanford University that states:

Essentially, the learner is both relaxed and to some extent excited or emotionally engaged at the same time. This is the foundation for taking risks in thinking, questioning, and experimenting, all of which are essential to mastering new skills and engaging higher-order thinking.  In this state, the learner feels competent and confident and has a sense of meaning or purpose.”

This is the ideal state in which to absorb information and learn new skills.

So if you’re putting pressure on yourself by trying to cram 15 hours work into 10, you’re going to absorb and remember very little.

As a priority, ensure you allocate sufficient and regular study time for your online diploma course.

Tip # 2 – Create A Conducive Study Environment

According to Jonne Tilli, there are eight basic components of a good study environment. Here are our top five favourites from his eight:

  1. Order and Cleanliness – remove everything from your immediate environment that has nothing to do with your online diploma course.
  2. Lighting – “cool blue-white lighting” mimics daylight and increases your alertness.
  3. Time – Find your prime time for study. These are the times of day that you are most alert and absorb more than other times.
  4. Temperature – control the temperature with a thermostat or clothing so that you are focussed only on your online diploma course.
  5. Other People – if you are going to study in a group, ensure that the group has a well-defined agenda. If you are studying alone, make sure you let others around you know so they won’t disturb you.

Here’s what an ideal study room looks like:


(Image courtesy of

If you want to get more inspiration for your ideal study environment check out these rooms here.

Tip 3# – Find A Mentor

Having the right support in place can make you or break you when studying an online diploma course. You can’t do it alone. And why would you want to anyway?

There are some great online colleges around such as Forme Education who provide highly skilled and empathic trainers to support and guide you throughout your online diploma course.

If your college doesn’t provide you with a trainer, you’ll need to find someone who you can turn to for advice and guidance. Someone who has “been there and done that”.

Our advice? Choose an online diploma course provider who assigns you to your own trainer.

Tip #4 – Get To Know Your Mentor/Trainer

Once you have chosen the right college (that provides a trainer as part of the online diploma course), it’s important to make the time to get to know your trainer. You need to understand what is required of you and you can also get some great insight into what you will be assessed on. This means you can focus those 10 – 15 hours a week on only those things that will be beneficial to your success.

In addition to this, there are further benefits to developing a great relationship with a trainer or mentor.

As the University of Nebraska-Lincoln says,

“Mentoring is important, not only because of the knowledge and skills students can learn from mentors but also because mentoring provides professional socialisation and personal support to facilitate success in graduate school and beyond.”

Tip #5 – Keep In Mind Why You Started The Course

This is the big one!

As any decent coach in any activity, be it sport, arts or business, will say. You must understand your big “why”.

Understanding and regularly reminding yourself of your “why” will keep your energy levels up and will help you through those tough days (yes they will happen).

Your “why” is your driver, your passion and your fuel for the successful completion of your online diploma course.

When it gets tough and you feel like giving up:

Reminding yourself that you have to put food on the table for your children, will motivate you to sit down and get that assignment done.

If you remember that they said you could never finish an online diploma course while working full time, it will be no effort to clean your desk and smash out your homework – and prove them wrong!

When you think of that kid who dropped out of school only to become a leech on society, you’ll have no problem sitting up late to prepare for tomorrow’s exam.

Understand and tap into your big “WHY”, then nothing can stand in your way!

Nothing can stop you from succeeding!

For more inspiration about finding your “why”, we suggest reading Thomas Oppong’s article Purpose is Life-Changing. Find Your Why

Bonus Tip – Find Better Study and Memory Methods

Science is always exploring methods and techniques to improve everything we know and do.

Study techniques and memory retention practices are no exception.

Now that you have “you” well-managed with the five tips above, you can now add scientifically proven study habits that will see you blitzing your online diploma course.

For some great study techniques and ways to boost your memory, check out this video by Memorize Academy, How to Study Effectively for School or College – Top 6 Science-Based Study Skills:


Your Online Diploma Success Awaits!

So there you have the five top tips (plus a bonus video) for completing your online diploma course easily and effortlessly.

When we say “easily and effortlessly” we are talking relatively of course.

There is no doubt that there is time, effort and maybe a few tears involved along the way.

Understanding and adhering to these top five tips during your online diploma course will smooth out the bumps, keep you motivated and keep your energy levels high.

We wish you every success.

Go get what you deserve!

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