Forme Education was created for the empowerment of others and for over 10 years, Forme has welcomed 1000’s of students into our online community to learn, grow and reach incredible goals. Out of this vision Forme Education created Forum. Forum is a mindfully curated event that selects an innovative global program to present to corporate & entrepreneurial audiences in Australia.


Thrive 1-Day Program

Forme Education hosted Forum17 – a corporate leadership & wellness event bringing Arianna Huffington’s Thrive 1 day program to Australia for the first time! In 2017 Forum was proud to partner with Arianna Huffington’s 1-Day ‘Thrive’ Program to Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

Forum17 attracted a wide variety of leaders looking for a proven, interdisciplinary, engaging, and effective way to create a thriving environment in both their homes and organisations – creating a pathway for their families, friends and employees to be healthier, less stressed, happier and more productive.


Search Inside Yourself

In 2016 Forum launched with Google’s 2-Day ‘Search Inside Yourself’ Program/work shop to an audience of leaders gathered on the Gold Coast.

Back in 2007, Google software engineer Chade-Meng Tan (commonly known as Meng) was working on a personal project to, as he puts it, “create a better world.” With input from neuroscientists and experts in mindfulness and emotional intelligence, he developed Search Inside Yourself, a training program for his fellow Googlers to learn emotional intelligence and mindfulness – essential ingredients in honing happiness, fulfilment, and productivity.

The class became the company’s most popular employee development program, and it wasn’t long before it jumped the walls of Google to reach businesses and organisations worldwide. It grew so much that in 2012, Meng wrote a book and co-founded the non-profit Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.

This 2-day workshop touched on teaching individuals, coaches and businesses how they can foster mindfulness, focus, and emotional intelligence among their employees – and, by extension, boost productivity, collaboration, and creativity.

We coupled this 2-day workshop short course program with our Mindful Leadership Course which participants carried on their learning’s with our short course


Search Inside Yourself

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