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For over 10 years, Forme has welcomed 1000’s of students into our online community to learn, grow and reach incredible goals. Now we welcome you, as subject matter experts, to create your own online learning community.

This is your invitation to share your lessons learnt, your passions, purpose and eye for excellence on a refreshingly simple learning portal. A learning portal recast with your unique branding at the forefront – facilitating a seamless brand conversation with your audience.

With unlimited options available to you, our creative and education teams support you to create a new and empowering learning experience for your audience.

Key benefits of plat.forme 

Branding —

It’s all about your identity

Plat.forme can be made to look and feel like you

As a team, we embrace and celebrate great branding and so understandably this particular functionality of Plat.forme gets us in a hot fuss. Plat.forme allows our team to build your individual learning platform from scratch – customising the learning experience from brand and colours right through to tone of voice and imagery.

The continuity of branding allows you to continue your dialogue with your audience, from your website, workshops and social feeds directly through to your learning platform.

First impressions count —

Your welcome message.

It allows you the opportunity to welcome your audience

We encourage you to introduce your heart behind your program and how you believe it will empower them and foster their ambitions and dreams.

The welcome interactive provides space for an image of a founding figure in your organisation, the creator of the course or recent event you have held.

Finally, this space also affords you the opportunity to attach any documents pertinent to your organisations. This might be a company portfolio, leaflets, or project brief.

Dress to impress —

Content template design

We work with you to design your range of 14 unique templates

Plat.forme allows for your content to be displayed over 14 different templates. The design layout provides your content space to breathe – allowing for greater absorbency of concepts and an overall more enjoyable learning experience.

Our designers work with you to design a range of 14 x unique templates – aligned with your branding and imagery.  Ready for importing your content.

Umm… don’t forget —

Memory recall.

Keep your audience motivated and engaged

Keep your audience motivated and engaged by incorporating regular memory-recall checkpoints. Participants are asked a series of questions reflecting on the content they have just read through. This provides opportunity for students to reflect on elements of learning and to form opinions based on this text.

At Forme we call these ‘Pop Quizzes’ – but you can title this function according to your brand’s unique tone and voice.

Video content —

A cut above the rest

Video compliments online learning in a powerful way.

Connect with your audience more deeply by including videos with each topic of learning throughout your e-course.

Video production costs vary depending on how many videos you would like to create and your presentation experience. We can quote to suit a wide range of deliverables and required support.

Introducing the core pillars of plat.forme 

The essence of these four pillars permeate throughout plat.forme and work to support the learning experience of your audience.


Unlike many learning management systems, plat.forme has been developed with the learning experience at the forefront. The unique layout of content encourages creative and innovative learning though colour, imagery, space and function.


Knowledge is powerful and the functionality of plat.forme seeks to embolden your audience by recognising and celebrating proficiency at regular milestones within your content.


At Forme Education, we believe in power of collaborative learning. With this non-negotiable, we developed an interactive chat feed function to encourage students to engage in theoretical discussions with other students online.


Our story is one of function, authenticity and empowerment. We seek to partner with those looking to develop authentic relationships with their audience, driven by a pure motivation to empower and equip through education.

Features of plat.forme

Unlimited Cloud Based Storage

A method for storing, retrieving and sharing data that’s simple and scalable. Cloud storage is a  reliable way to store, access, and share data over the Internet. Your unlimited storage is securely hosted with Amazon in Sydney.


The plat.forme has been built with responsive technology that allows it to work smoothly on any device. Your audience can enjoy easy-access to learning education on any device or web browser – anytime and anywhere.


Plat.forme gives you the opportunity to engage with students as a cohort or 1:1. Meeting the support needs of each individual allows you to encourage each person towards program completion. We recommend activating features such as e-books, interactive quizzes, student noting, video playback and discussion panel to improve engagement with your audience.


Our dashboard allows you to add and remove menu options for your specific audience. Mould your user’s experience around primary business goals. If have you have multiple short courses that you would like to bring across to plat.forme, your dashboard will showcase your family of e-courses.

Easy Integration

Easy API integration with external tools (e.g badging apps, Google Drive..)


All the creative
support you’ll need

Located on the Gold Coast, our studio is managed by Nathan our resident multi media specialist.

Providing turn-key solutions right through to specific snap-on’s giving you the flexibility to select the services you require.

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