How to Implement a Positive Coaching Model

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Forme’s online Business Diploma introduces us to the Positive Coaching Model – a simple, yet practical model of coaching developed by Vincenzo Libri. The Positive Coaching Model is a step-by-step guide to motivating your team to be genuinely excited about achieving their goals.

Built on an 8-step framework, the Positive Coaching Model is designed to help team members connect with what’s important to them. Additionally, the model helps team members establish their goals and navigate a path to move forward and achieve them.

As leaders, coaches or mentors we need to constantly lift our game and uncover ways to improve and grow as influencers. At Forme, we love to equip you with the goods to implement great coaching processes in your team.

Implement the Positive Coaching Model to your team by downloading our free Positive Coaching Model questionnaire and following working through the 8 steps below.

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STEP 1- Purpose

Many people have a vague idea of their goals, but find it difficult to articulate them clearly. This first step asks the team member to define the purpose of their goal.

STEP 2- Observations

Step two encourages the team member to think about his/her situation from a variety of perspectives, to give them a clearer understanding of the goal they want to achieve.


We’ve all heard of the SMART formula, and step three aims to assess the goal to see if it is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

STEP 4- Insight

How does the team member feel towards their goal? Are they excited, motivated, or does the thought of it give them anxiety or fear?  Step four analyses how they feel about their goal and if for any reason the goal needs to be redefined.

STEP 5- Team

Everyone needs a cheer squad. In step five the team member needs to identify a cheer squad or support team, people who’ll give them encouragement and motivation along the way to reaching their goal. As a coach you are part of this team.

STEP 6- Initiate

By step 6 the team member is motivated to reach their goal and needs to devise a clear action plan to realise their goal. With your help, the team member will need to identify the steps they need to take to get the result they seek.

STEP 7- Value

A long-term goal is less confronting and easier to achieve when it’s broken down into a series of smaller objectives. In step 7 a step-by-step process needs to be identified so the team member can follow a plan to achieve their long-term goal. The team member will be motivated by these ‘smaller wins’ along the way.

STEP 8- Encourage

When you’re a coach it’s all about supporting your team members and giving them the encouragement they need to achieve their goals. In step 8 you as a coach need to do what it takes to be by your team member’s side and offer them feedback along the way to ensure they are accountable for their progress.


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