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In 2016 Arianna Huffington released The Sleep Revolution, a book that delivers the facts on sleep, along with plenty of hacks to help you develop a deeper understanding of the importance of getting enough ZZZs.

The book came to light after a significant moment in Arianna Huffington’s life. She was working extremely long hours and enduring severe sleep deprivation, and found herself lying in a hospital bed suffering from severe burnout, nursing a broken cheekbone after falling down from exhaustion. For Arianna, it was time for a change. A revolution.

In today’s world of constant connectivity, many of us can relate to the predicament of being continually plugged in. We can connect to Arianna’s story of stress and lack of sleep. For some of us it’s impacting our personal lives, and our business lives, and what Arianna Huffington believes is that we need a shift in thinking, a sleep revolution!


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The Book: The Sleep Revolution

The Author: Arianna Huffington

Rap sheet:

The Audience:

Students, employees, leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home-mums and anyone else who doesn’t value the importance of getting enough sleep.

Why we love it:

This book is far more than just the opinion of an awesomely successful businesswoman. It’s a scientific look at sleep, backed up by fact-based studies, a strong look at history, economics, accompanied by a few great anecdotes. It’s enough to convince the most prolific workaholic to dedicate more time to getting a bit more shuteye!

The facts are boosted by the fact that Arianna Huffington has first hand experience in a fast-paced corporate world, sharing personal accounts and experiences weaved throughout scientific studies that will make you re-evaluate the importance you put on sleep.

The best bits:

Did you know that 24 hours without sleep is equivalent to a blood alcohol level of 0.1percent? Or that sleep is strongly correlated to brain health? Can you name the four stages of sleep? If you’re keen to learn the ins and outs of sleep and the studies behind the facts, chapter 4, The Science of Sleep seriously delivers.

We’re 100% behind Arianna’s view to put technology in its place, which is not on your nightstand! Chapter 14 shares some very strong arguments to why your devices don’t belong in the bedroom, as well as a few hacks to help you get better sleep if you can’t bear to be without them!

Nugget of gold:

Check out Appendix B, Guided Meditations to Help you Fall and Stay Asleep. An awesome list of guided meditations to help you de-stress and prepare yourself for sleep.

Get more action:

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