Simple Debit Terms & Conditions

Forme Education
Simple Debit Payment Solution Terms & Conditions 


  1. Introduction 

Forme Education offers its student’s a direct debit payment plan for its all qualifications, statement of attainments so that students can gradually pay off their costs over a period of time.

Forme Education uses Debitsuccess, the largest direct debt service provider in Australasia to collect student’s payments on its behalf via a weekly direct debit arrangement.

  1. Parties to the Agreement 

If at the point of enrolment into a Forme Education course, a student nominates to enter into a Simple Debit Payment arrangement. The student is agreeing to enter into an agreement with Forme Education of which they agree to accept these Terms & Conditions. The student also agrees to enter into an agreement with Debitsuccess and agrees to accept any written agreement/s and or Terms & Conditions provided by them.

Students will be required to read, complete and sign and or provide any documentation required to be completed or provided by both Forme Education and Debitsuccess to complete the application process.

  1. Eligibility Requirements 

To be eligible for a Simple Debit Payment arrangement, students must be at least 18 years old. If a student is under the age of 18 years old, then a Guardianship Form is required to be completed by the minor’s parent or guardian.

  1. Enrolment Process

Once the student enters into a Simple Debit Payment arrangement, the first agreed payment amount will be deducted 7 days after completion of the Simple Debit application. The student has until 5:00pm EST on their census date to withdraw from the course and any payments made under the student’s Simple Debit Payment arrangement will be refunded to the student.

  1. Is the Simple Debit PaymentArrangementSuitable For Me?

All students will need to determine whether the Simple Debit Payment arrangement is suitable for them. Forme Education is unable to provide financial advice to student’s on suitability and encourages students to contact a financial counsellor and or to visit the Australian Government Smart Money website at for budgeting tools advice. Forme Education accepts no responsibility if students do not obtain suitability advice before entering into this agreement.


  1. Payments & Term

The term of the Direct Debit Payment arrangement will be either a 12 or 24 months payment term, depending on which payment plan the student nominates. Payments are direct debited from the student’s nominated bank account or credit card on a weekly basis. The weekly direct debit transaction amount includes all fees and charges calculated per transaction. Please see Clause 7 below for further details.

  1. Fees andCharges 

Students must be aware that their weekly direct debit arrangement will include the following fees and charges calculated on a weekly transaction amount of the total qualification cost:

  1. $10.00 establishment fee. This is a once off payment for each qualification enrolment or qualification transfers;


  1. 6% transaction fee per direct debit payment paid to Debitsuccess;


  1. 4% administration fee per direct debit payment paid to Forme Education. This is to avoid students having to pay an upfront administration fee;


  1. $10.00 transaction fee per every unsuccessful direct debit payment paid to Debitsuccess.


Students must be aware that Forme Education reserves its rights that it is not liable if there are any changes to the fees and charges paid to Debitsuccess which may vary these Terms & Conditions different to the agreement or terms & conditions of the Debitsuccess agreement. Students are advised to ensure they read all document provided by Debitsuccess prior to completing and are encouraged to seek independent financial advice.

  1. Debt Collection Activity 

Following three (3) or more failed direct debit payments by the student, Forme Education reserves it rights to instruct Debitsuccess to engage in a debt collection agency. An additional fee of $50.00 each time your account results in debt collection activity will be paid to Debitsuccess including a fee of 25% of the total remaining Simple Debit arrangement amount will be applied and is payable to the debt collection agency.

In the even that Forme Education does not execute its right to instruct a debt collection agency, Forme Education reserves it right to cancel the Simple Debit agreement if the student has failed to adhere to these terms & conditions.

  1. Transfer Policy

If a student transfers to another qualification, the student must complete the Forme Education enrolment process prior to their census date. The student’s existing Simple Debit Contract will be adjusted to the new payment value. The student will be required to also complete a Variation Form which can be found on Simple Debit’s website. Any monies paid on the existing Simple Debit Contract will be incorporated across once the transfer is complete.

  1. Cancellation, Termination and Refund Policy

Cancellations for qualifications received 14 days after the census date of a course will result in a cancellation fee of $250.

A no refund policy will apply to cancellations of qualifications or termination of the Simple Debit arrangement received after the census date.

  1. Special Circumstances

Should a student be unable to continue their studies due to special circumstances, Forme Education may apply a pro-rata refund. Evidence of special circumstances must be provided. Students are required to read the Student Handbook and Policies and provide their application in writing as per Forme Education requirements.

  1. Liability 

To the extent permitted by law, Forme Education shall not be liable or responsible to the student for any direct, indirect or consequential injury, loss or damage to the student or the property of the student whatsoever and howsoever arising.

  1. Unpaid Course Costs and Fees

Students agreeing to these Terms & Conditions agree to pay the course costs including any fees, charges or interest within the time frame stipulated. Forme Education reserves its rights to withhold issuing of qualification certificates, if completion of the course has occurred prior to payment of the total course costs.

In this event, students can make full and final payment of the course or resource cost, before the end term of the Simple Debit arrangement. Forme Education will then issue the qualification and the Simple Debit arrangement will cancelled.

  1. Notification by the Student

Students must advise Debit Success of any account payments issues, defaults or changes to personal information and bank account or credit card details.

Students must also advise Forme Education of any personal information changes.

  1. Provision of Service

Any change of name or location of Forme Education does not absolve the student’s responsibilities under the Terms & Conditions of the Simple Debit agreement.

  1. Entire Agreement 

These Terms & Conditions constitute the entire agreement, understanding and arrangement (expressed, implied or written) between the student and Forme Education.

Students will also be required to complete, read and sign a separate agreement with Debitsuccess which forms part of the tri-party agreement between the student, Forme Education and Debitsuccess.

  1. Privacy

The student’s ‘personal information’ (as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)) will be used and exchanged by Forme Education and Debitsuccess to provide you with direct debt service as contemplated by these Terms & Conditions and the agreement or terms and conditions the student accepts with Debitsuccess. Debitsuccess’ Privacy Statement is found on its website at

  1. Definitions

‘Agreement’ means these Terms and Conditions.

‘Census Date’ is the scheduled census date of any qualification.

‘Debit Success’ is the agency engaged by Forme Education to collect direct debit payments from the student as per these Terms & Conditions and those set out in the agreement and terms & condition of Debitsuccess.

‘Terms & Conditions’ means the Forme Education, Simple Debit Payment arrangement Terms & Conditions. Terms & Conditions is also referred to as the ‘payment plan’, ‘arrangement’ and ‘agreement’.

‘Term’ means any Term the students nominates to enter into for the purpose of entering into a Simple Debit Payment Solution. Terms are either 12 or 24 month options.

‘Qualifications’ includes all qualifications provided by Forme Education including but not limited to statement of attainments.