5 of the best places to be a digital nomad

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Digital nomad – One who derives income remotely and online, rather than from commuting to an office. This enables the digital nomad to not need a permanent home base, and she/he can travel anywhere, anytime. You’ll often find them couch-surfing, living in hostels, with friends, or in third world countries where rent is cheap.  – Urban Dictionary –


Do you dream of abandoning the 9 to 5 monotony to travel the globe and fulfill your wildest entrepreneurial dreams? Right now there’s a global movement towards travelling and working remotely, and so many people are embracing this nomadic lifestyle and we at Forme are all about it! Digital nomads have less commitment, and the freedom and flexibility to work anytime, anywhere in the world!

As a digital nomad your inspiration comes from the people you meet and the places you see, one minute you’re working out of a café in the bustling streets of SE Asia, the next out of a hostel in the middle of Europe.

So when all you need is a laptop and a good Internet connection, where are the best places to be a digital nomad?

Bali – Indonesia

The word on the street is that Bali is fast gaining a reputation for becoming the next Silicon Valley. Digital nomads from all over the world are landing in this balmy SE Asian tropical paradise, to work and enjoy the beaches, nightlife and amazing culinary delights. Living in Bali is super-affordable, accommodation is cheap and co-working spaces are popping up across the island – making it easy to access fast wifi and network with other industry creatives and entrepreneurs.

Co-working spaces to look out for:

The Dojo – Canggu
Hubud – Gianyar

Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam

If one thing is important to digital nomads, it’s living on the cheap. Ho Chi Minh City is definitely a location where eating, rent and Internet costs you next to nothing. This Vietnamese city can be described as organised chaos; it has amazing street food, lots of traffic and lots of noise! If you look in the right places you’ll pay an average of $2 – $3 for a meal, and $15 – $30 for accommodation, letting you funnel your money where it’s most needed – your business! Ho Chi Minh is a bustling co-working hub and a place where opportunities are sure to come knocking on your door.

Co-working spaces to look out for:

Work Saigon – District 3

Start Coworking Campus – District 1


Chiang Mai – Thailand

This is another SE Asian country where digital nomads can live an affordable lifestyle while working remotely. Chiang Mai is in the North of Thailand and is a wonderfully eclectic, spiritual location that attracts digital nomads from across the globe. There is a huge community of entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai, giving you the opportunity to connect with professionals from all different industries and cultures. Most places have ok wifi, and there are a number of great co-working spaces that have super-fast Internet. There are hundreds of events held throughout the year that focus on self-development, which is great if you’re in the startup phase of your business.  Oh, and don’t forget, when you’re not working there are plenty of opportunities for adventure, including trekking, cooking classes and day trips to temples. Chiang Mai is as good for your soul as it is for your mind.

Co-working spaces to look out for:

Punspace – Nimman and Tha Phae Gate

C.A.M.P – Maya

San Diego – USA

Every city has its own personality, and this city in the USA oozes digital nomad appeal. In San Diego the cost of living is much cheaper than other surrounding Californian cities, and the weather is said to be the best in the USA. In your downtime you can soak up the sun on one of San Diego’s beautiful beaches, go on an epic adventure into Mexico, or even visit Silicon Valley for some entrepreneurial inspiration! Oh, and don’t forget, you’ll get the chance to eat some amazing Mexican food while you’re there!

Co-working spaces to look out for:

San Diego Coworking Alliance

Downtown Works

Lisbon – Portugal

Time and again Lisbon, Portugal keeps popping up as one of the best places for digital nomads. Lisbon is a melting pot of culture; it has a relatively cheap cost of living and fairly good wifi throughout the city. The locals in Lisbon are said to be particularly friendly and you’re sure to find a sweet little café or co-working space to have a coffee and get down to business. This Portuguese city is especially appealing to those digital nomads who want to mix work with adventure, and the surrounding countryside is spectacular.

Second home Lisboa

Cowork Central

Be apart of the movement!

We hope you are inspired to consider changing up the 9 to 5 and maybe even find yourself on your own digital nomad adventure!

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