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If there was a one quote to describe the inspirational creator and owner of Trader Trove Avalon Beban,it would have to be the ingenious words from Albert Einstein when he said “creativity is intelligence having fun”. This quote truly illustrates the very essence of who she is.

Avalon has made the enormous leap to open a creative, retail space on the Gold Coast and Forme got to experience this first hand last week.  General Manager Adam had the privilege of visiting Avalon [and her gorgeous, but enormous pup Maven] to have a chat about what sparked her journey to open Trader Trove.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our interview and it serves to embolden you to strive to achieve your goals!



Interview Transcript

What sparked your passion to start Trader Trove?

I wanted a business that was a creative outlet for myself and also facilitated others to come together and share their creativity and knowledge to inspire one another.  I wanted to create a community that I could connect with beyond a transaction.


What would you say was your greatest challenge you faced in the beginning of your business?

Self-doubt – Over coming my fear that me and my ideas weren’t good enough and that Trader Trove wouldn’t be received well into the community.


What advice would you give someone who was thinking of starting their own business?

I know I should say “do your research of the target market and the industry, set up a business plan” but everyone else will tell you that – I think the most important thing to do is to analyse what your intentions are and be very clear on what you want to achieve out of your business.

And then every decision you make from there on in, make sure it aligns with that intention. That way, I don’t think you can go wrong. It’s very easy to get caught up in the day to day of running a business, but if you keep going back to your intention and continue to act on that, then your business will continue to bring you happiness.

Hire to your weaknesses – meaning, hire talent that can do the stuff you aren’t so amazing at. And allow them to do that. Micro managing does’t get the job done. Don’t expect you will be good at everything – even within your own business. No one is. Learn to delegate, and allow your staff to do their job, and appreciate them for that. Reward them and show them you value them.


What is one of the things that sets Trader Trove apart?

There is a personal touch on everything. I’ve made it my goal to include thought and integrity in every way possible, starting with the renovations, to sourcing the products and my staff, it has been very personal for me and I know people can see and feel that when they enter the space.


What are your habits for success?

Being true to my vision and intention. And like I said previously, aligning back to that in every decision I make.


How do you define success?

Success is very different for everyone. For me, it relates back to my intention. When I see people coming together in my space, sharing knowledge, inspiring me, others and sharing what they have created – that’s what makes my heart sing. People walking through the door and saying they love the feeling of the space, seeing the joy on their face, that’s success to me.


What’s your secret to productivity?

I chose between 2 and 3 things that are REALLY important, and make sure I achieve that for the day. Putting too much on your plate makes it too hard to get anything done. Keep it simple.

And I’m a list person. I like to have lists, and cross things off once they get done.


How do you advertise/ market your business?

Facebook and Instagram. And collaborating with local artists, bloggers and other like minded people in similar industries. I try to make sure there is a win win in my collaborations. The shop front also brings people in. And I think word of mouth works well for this kind of business – our opening event created a lot of chatter and attendance. And we really believe in our product, so we think the products will speak for themselves and our happy customers will spread the word.


What do you look for in hiring an employee?

Commitment, determination, productivity and organisation. I like to hire to peoples strengths and continue to re-evaluate their role to ensure they and I am happy with the situation were in together.


How do you juggle being a wife, mum and successful business owner?

It can be stressful, I won’t lie. Balance is definitely something that is a continuous challenge. I find if I try to force things it can all fall apart. Kids get sick, things come up in business that sometimes feel like they can’t wait.

Organisation, flexibility and lots of help and support from friends and family.


With such a full life what do you do to relax?

Beach days are probably my favorite way of relaxing with my husband and two boys. We stand up paddle board or take our little boat out on Talle creek. We go out for breakfast most days as they are early risers and we all love getting out of the house early. For my self I try to practice yoga regularly, meditate when I can and to be honest I really feel energised being here at Trader Trove.


How do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in nature, music, books, travel, art, yoga, and connecting with interesting people with stories from different walks of life.


Who Inspires you and why?

Everyday people inspire me. People with vision, depth, courage & determination. I’m inspired by peoples journeys through life. What their dreams are, where they have come from and what they want to share with others in this life.


What would be your favorite quote?

For this particular topic – “Feel the fear and do it anyway” – Susan Jeffers


Do you see your business expanding in future

In ways yes, I want to branch out to web world next year. I’m in no hurry though, I think its important to enjoy the journey and taking it slow feels right at the moment.



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