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This month I had the pleasure of attending a Business Chicks lunch with Michelle Bridges to celebrate the launch of her new book ‘Food for Life‘.

I went anticipating a lovely lunch and great conversation but walked away having learnt much more. Turns out Michelle Bridges is extremely transparent and gave some very honest insight into what it takes to break into a tough industry.

A powerful challenging message was communicated about knowing what your good at and going for it. Below are some of the lessons I took away from the day – I hope you find encouragement.

Gotta take that first step

Your first step will require an audacious, unshakable spirit – one that carries the longevity that is needed for the unforeseeable seasons that life can sometimes bring.

Have unshakable confidence

Make a decision to have confidence in that which you are good at. Confidence enables you to cultivate a resilient life, giving you the ability to overcome adversity.

Be a lateral thinker

Develop your lateral thinking by continually looking at ways to solve problems in a creative manner. Listen to others, review what’s working and be willing to change that which is not.


Develop self-awareness

Learn the art to personal empowerment by reflecting on your values and skills. Be sure to remain malleable enough to adjust your behavior in order to reach your goals.

Learn how to nourish

You don’t know what you don’t know. Nourish your life by acquiring the necessary knowledge needed to eat well and live healthy

Consistently plant seeds

Do whatever it takes to see your dreams come to pass. That means taking every opportunity to get your message out there – regardless of if you are paid or not. Continually plant seeds and throw around ideas with the expectation that eventually they will take root and grow.

Find your circle of influence

And last but not least surround yourself with the movers and shakers those whose lives are an example of success.


Stay Tuned…

Managed to grab myself a copy of Michelle’s new book and its packed full of fun recipes that you can make while studying, at work or one the run!

Watch our social pipelines to see how our creative team put these recipes into action around the office!

MM xx

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